Born in High Wycombe, UK in 1969         
Lives and works in London

Mark Aerial Waller’s work integrates objects, video and live performance for an experience of video defined in spatial and situational terms. The spectator, art object and its relative position in space and time become an interdisciplinary medium. A recent feature length film, Time Together (2012), combines daily solar data with local events around the making of a thriller film series, bringing expansive, cosmic scale perception into close proximity with a fictional scenario, set within a documentary environment.

Across all Waller’s oeuvre is a consistent questioning of ideas around the transmission and interpretation of culture across time. A recent work, ‘Live From the Crucible’ (2014) commissioned by the ICA for Channel 4 television, explores the interpretation of a 12th century BC artifact from western Iran, held in the Louvre.

To the side of his studio practice, Waller founded The Wayward Canon (2001-onwards), as an artist-led platform for event-based interventions in cinematic practices. It considers how an artist’s work may be ultimately displaced, or transformed by its cross-fertilisation with the work of predecessors and contemporaries. Recent solo presentations include Yoga Horror at Tate Britain (2014) and Projection Apprentice at Mindaugas Triennial, the 11th Baltic Triennial of International Art, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania (2012) and Kafe Pittoresk- L'Experience du Monde Visionnaire, (With Giles Round) Serpentine Gallery, London. Translations of his works exist in French, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Turkish, Korean & Mandarin.


1990-1993                      Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. B.A.(Hons) Fine Art -Film & Video


2018                             Leave Nothing Behind But Your Footprints And Take Nothing But Your Time, Rodeo, London.
2018                             Space Pursues Them, Encircles Them Digests Them, Daedalus Street, Athens, Greece. Wayward Canon.
2018                             40 days at the Rhumba, Sad Disco Fantasia, Kunsthalle Oslo Wayward Canon.
2016                             Party of the Flowers and Nightingales, Lothringer 13 Florida, Munich (event)
2015                             Echo Chamber, Royal College of Art
2014                             Yoga Horror, Tate Britain (performance event)
2013                             Therese Desqueyroux/ Popcorn Casts, Piper Keys, London (event and exhibition)
2012                             SO-LA, Cell Projects, London
2012                             Offering Transmissions, Rodeo, Istanbul
2011                             This isn’t Nelsons time it’s 1956 and it’s time to get out and leave this schtick, Outpost, Norwich,UK
2010                             Resistance Domination Secret, Cell Projects, London
2010                             The Cassiopeia Plan, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK
2008     (catalogue)      Resistance Domination Secret, 0-60, ICA, London (event)
2008                             Resistance Domination Secret, France-Fiction, Paris, France
2008     (catalogue)      The Flipside of Darkness, CSW Ujazdowski Castle/Chlodna 25, Warsaw, Poland
2008                             The Flipside of Darkness, South London Gallery, London            
2004                             Superpower – Dakar Chapter, Counter Gallery, London
2004                             Reversion of The Beast Folk, T1+2 Artspace, London                                
1999                             The Glow Boys Night, Lux Centre, London (event)


2019                             Curators’ Series #12 Hana Noorali & Lynton Talbot, David Roberts Art Foundation London.
2019                             Out Score, Aixoni Sculpted Theatre, Athens, Greece, for the Onassis Foundation by Sozita Goudouna
2019                             To Cite a Body, Sluice, London
2018                             17x24 Everyday is a Good Day, magazin 4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Austria
2016                             Mille Feuilles, South London Gallery (performance with video, pattisserie and John Latham NOIT)
2016                             The Shift- Eight Years of Flat Time House, Flat Time Ho, London
2016                             Counterpoint, AKINCI gallery, Amsterdam
2015                             Glow Boys, LUNGENGASSE, Koln
2015                             Phantoms of the Avant-Garde, LUX and Cranford Collection, London
2015                             The Sons of Temperance, Shapes and Forms, ICA, London, curated by Lucy Rose Bayley
2015                             The Chicken and the Egg, the Chicken Rodeo, London
2014                             Outside In, FRAC Aquitaine,Bordeaux, France
2013                             Artist Film Club: Random Acts, ICA, London
2013                             Douglasism Festival, National Press Gallery / Ilmin Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2012                             Desire Paths, Caja Madrid, Barcelona
2012                             All That Shines Ain’t No Gold, Rodeo, Istanbul
2012                             Baltic Triennial, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania
2012                             Superpower: Science Fiction in Africa, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
2011                             Like the Fireflies, Nicoletta Rusconi, Milan
2011                             More Soup & Tart, Barbican, London (sculptural performance)
2011                             Whitley Arts Trail, Reading, UK
2010                             Surreal House, Barbican, London (performance)
2010     (catalogue)      Time Machine and Anywhere Door, IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2010                             Have A Look Have A Look, Form Content, London
2010                             Performing Presence, The National Centre for Contemporary Art, St Petersburg, Russia.
2010                              A Bluebird in My Heart, National Gallery of Zimbabwe                                         
2009                              This place you see has no size at all..., Kadist Foundation, Paris
2009     (catalogue)      Heaven, 2ndAthens Biennale, Greece, curated by Diana Baldon
2009                              In Search of the Unknown The Netherlands Media Art Institute
2009                              Interferencia, Museum of Health Sciences, Bogota, Colombia
2008                              The Children of the Revolution, Rodeo, Istanbul, Turkey.
2008     (catalogue)       L'art Contemporain en Europe, Experience Pommery #5, Reims, France
2008                              If Tomorrow Never Comes, Rodeo, Istanbul, Turkey
2008                              The Night of the One Thousand and One Videos, Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva, Switzerland
2007                             …San Palio Sinema, 1st Athens Biennale, Athens, Greece
2007                              Batchelor Machines, Picture This, Bristol, UK (invitation by Rosalind Nashashibi)
2007                              Top Floor, Platform Garanti for Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul, Turkey
2007     (catalogue)       You have Not Been Honest, Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina, Naples, Italy
2007                             (British Council Touring exhibition)
2007                              Strange Weather, NBK, Berlin, curated by Michelle Cotton
2006     (catalogue)      Videozone 3, Centre for contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, curated by Stewart Comer
2006                             Philip, science fiction novel writing project, Project, Dublin, curated by Mai Abu ElDahab
2006                             selected for Manifesta 6, Nicosia, Cyprus
2005     (catalogue)      Time Pop Artprojx, London
2005                             Go Between Magazin 4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Austria                             
2005                             Pass the Time of Day Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
2005                             ATOMICA Lombard-Fried Fine Arts, New York
2004     (catalogue)      Biennale! Artist Film and Video Temporary Contemporary, London touring to China
2004                             Reversion of the Beast Folk, 3 To The Power of 3,Institute Français, London,
2004                             Publish and Be Damned Cubitt, London
2004                             I’D Rather Jack S1 Artspace, Sheffield
2004                             Concert in the Egg The Ship, London
2003                             Changing Times Tate Britain, curated by Lucy Reynolds
2003                             Wild Strawberries and Familiar Haunts Newman Popiashvili, New York
2003                             Nurseryworld Jennifer Flay Gallery, Paris
2002                             Aristotele`s Feiber,HEDAH, Maastricht, The Netherlands, (three person collaboration)
2001     (catalogue)      Traversées,  Musé d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris, France
2001                             New England Lux Gallery, London
2001     (catalogue)      Encounters between here and there The Architecture Foundation, London
2000                             Walking 1-10 Salon 3, London,
2000                             The Sons of Temperance Konstmuseum Uppsala, Sweden,
1999                             Grapeshot Bullseye Harvest Ataché Gallery, London, curated by Douglas Park
1998     (catalogue)      ATOMIC Imperial College, London:  Touring Exhibition with The Arts Catalyst
1997     (catalogue)      ISLAS CAAM, Gran Canaria
1996     (catalogue)      Life/Live (plummet) Musé d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris, France
1996                             Seethroughbrain Transmission Gallery, Glasgow
1996                             Euthanasia plummet, London
1996                             Prognosis plummet, London
1995                             Knives & Rockets plummet, London


2001 onwards            Founder of The Wayward Cannon: An itinerant site specific micro-salon for critical engagement
                                   and re-representation of cinema, The Wayward Canon adopts the mechanics of a performance or

2018                             40 Days at the Rhumba, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo.
2013                             Therese Desqueyroux / Popcorn Casts, Piper Keys, London.
2011                             Horror Yoga/Boundary Theory, Transmission, Glasgow touring to Hollywood cinemas, Norwich, presented by
                                     LUX as an offsite project for Outpost, Norwich.
2009                             Simon & The Radioactive Flesh-Plaka (with Giles Round), Marieke van Hal, Athens
2009                             The Mantle, Betonsalon, Paris, part of "Real Vague", curated by Hans Askheim
2008                             La Societé des Amis de Judex II, Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerpen, Belgium
2007                             La Societé des Amis de Judex II, FACT, Liverpool
2007                             La Societé des Amis de Judex II, Tate Modern, London
2007                             Simon & The Radioactive Flesh-Dalston (with Giles Round), LUX at Arcola Theatre, London
2007                             Back to the Core, Platform Garanti, Istanbul, open publishing project with live performance and film.
2007                             Chroma Key, CSW Ujazdowski Castle /Plan B, Warsaw, with spoken word by Douglas Park
2007                             Simon and the Radioactive Flesh, CSW Ujazdowski Castle /Chlodna 25, Warsaw, Poland.
2007                             Simon and the Radioactive Flesh (with Giles Round), Rotterdam Film Festival, NL
2006                             Simon and the Radioactive Flesh (with Giles Round), Platform Garanti, Istanbul, Turkey
2004                             La Societe des Amis de Judex, film and spatial montage aligning Apollinaire poetry, 60’s Batman and Louis
                                     Feuillade’s ‘Judex’ with a smoke machine, Redux, London, 2005
2003                             The Sun Set. A 15 hr screening/ micro-salon with mirror wall of US television epic, Sunset Beach, with
                                     accompanying publication of drawings, poetry and critical essays.  1,000,000mph project space, London
2002                             My Kleine Fassbinderbar, A 15 hour screening/ micro-salon with bar and mirrors, a monument to Fassbinder`s
                                     television series, 'Berlin Alexanderplatz`, 5 Years, London


2009                           Taverna Especial: Younes Baba Ali, AiM festival, Kssour Agafay, Marrakech, Morocco
                                   Taverna Especial: Younes Baba Ali, Sketch, London
                                   (Taverna Especial is a nomadic kitchen for the reception and contemplation of a singular artwork)
                                   Kafe Pittoresk- L'Experience du Monde Visionnaire, Serpentine Gallery, London
            (catalogue)     Taverna Especial at Manifesto Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, London
2007                           The Glittering Canon, Sketch, London


2017                             Arts Council Collection (Phantom Avantgarde)
2017                             Hospitalfield Artist Residency, Arbroath, Scotland
2009                             Elephant Trust award
2009                             FLAMIN award scheme, FILM LONDON
2009/10                        Residency: Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK.
2007                             Residency: Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
2006/07                        Residency: Platform Garanti, Istanbul.
2006                             Arts Council England : Professional Development  Award
2006                             Residency: Artist Links in Xi’an, China, supported by British Council and ACE
                                    organised through Triangle Arts Network and Watershed Art Space, Xi’an


2014                             Whitstable Biennale film programme, Video exhibition exploring active spectatorship through exclusion.                                      Drawing a relationship between minimalism and 'body as place' video art practices of Acconci and Export in                                     relation to youtube fetish video performance and video as de-centred object in Simon Martin's Carlton(2009)

2007-2009                   Creative Director, Yama public video screen, Istanbul. Commissioner of new works for public exhibition,                                     production adviser, PR and marketing in Istanbul and international art press, event coordination for off-site                                     receptions, board member (to present day).


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2013                            Artist Moving Image Festival, Tramway, Glasgow
2012                            Nuclear Culture Conference, Arts Catalyst & Goldsmiths College, University of London. In
                                    conversation with Kodwo Eshun (Otolith Group) & philosopher Liam Sprod. 
                                    Documentary film and public space Jerwood Visual Arts.
                                    The Role of Art in 21st Century, Cambridge University Dialectic Society with Vivienne Westwood
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2011                            Origins: Image re-appropriation in video, with Doug Fishbone The Cutting Room, Nottingham
2011                            The Moving Image in a post-internet world, conference for Ward Magazine with Ed Atkins, James
                                    Richards and Gil Leung.
2008                             Manifesto Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, London.
                                    Against The Grain:Learning from Derek Jarman’s Cinema, Serpentine Gallery/Birkbeck, London
2007                             Walking as Art, Arttalk, Nicosia, Cyprus.
2006                             Forecast, The concept of Chi-essence of artistic creativity, biodiversity and genetic research,
                                    Image Research Laboratory, Xi’an Academy of Fine Art, China.
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1999                             Atomic Milena Kosec, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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collaborative Science Fiction novel Philip: